Friday, October 22, 2010

Water Street Closure Plan

At Monday’s ANC 6D meeting, Shawn Seaman from the Hoffman-Madison Marquette Waterfront team presented its plan for closing Water Street in anticipation for the redevelopment of the Southwest Waterfront. By the Spring of 2011, the DC Council will presumably vote in favor of closing Water Street, but this closure is just “on paper” because a public easement will be enacted which will allow the street to be used just like it is currently. This easement will be valid from spring 2011 until the SW Waterfront land is transferred from the District to the Hoffman-Madison Marquette Waterfront team, scheduled to be around the end of 2012. During this period, the entire street will remain open. Once title transfers from the District to the developers, Phase 1 of construction will begin and the portion of Water Street between 7th Street and 9th Street will be permanently closed. However, 7th Street and 9th Streets will remain open throughout construction. See below for details on Phase 1.

Phase 1 will last for approximately two years and once it’s complete, the new Wharf Street (if you don’t know what Wharf Street is, take a look at my Southwest Waterfront Redevelopment page) will be open between 7th & 9th Streets, as well as service roads that connect to Maine Avenue. The City Pier will also be complete. Phase 2 will bring the permanent closure of Water Street from 9th Street to the Fish Market. Construction on this phase is estimated to be from 2014-2016. See below for details on Phase 2.

Once Phase 2 is complete in 2016, Wharf Street will be extended to the Fish Market and more access roads will be opened to Maine Avenue, as well as a new traffic light at Maine Avenue and a new “grand staircase” connecting to the 10th Street Overlook (Banneker Park). Phase 3 will involve the permanent closure of Water Street from 7th Street to 6th Street. Access beyond 6th Street will be maintained for fire and police vehicles so they can reach the harbor patrol dock. This last phase is estimated to run from 2016-2018. See below for details on Phase 3.

By 2018 or so, the finished development will offer new road connections to the waterfront and emergency egress for police & fire. Besides the new traffic light at the base of the 10th Street Overlook, other new traffic lights will be located at a new traffic circle in front of Arena Stage and the northwest corner of the theater. See below for the final traffic plan.

Also added to the project website are answers to questions that community members wrote down at the community forum on September 29th. (Renderings courtesy of Hoffman-Madison Marquette Waterfront)

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