Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Condo Project in the Works?

On the agenda for Monday's ANC 6D meeting is a new residential project called Marina Place. According to, Marina Place is a planned condo building located in Buzzard Point at 95 V Street. Currently, the site is a vacant lot and is bounded by V Street, 1st Street, Half Street, and the Buzzard Point Marina. There will be a hearing with the Zoning Commission on Thursday, November 4th. The website describes the project as:

A new condominium building with a modern design featuring angular glass walls. The site offers 345 feet of uninterrupted views of the Anacostia River and is located about 5 blocks southwest of Nationals Park. Developed by Buzzard Point LLC the project will contain 4,800 square feet of retail space. (Above is a view of the Buzzard Point Marina.)

During the condo boom in 2005, Walnut Street Development planned to purchase the same site from Duane R. Deason and build a 90-unit condo project, but those plans fell through and the condos were never built. Next door to Marina Place is the headquarters of the U.S. Coast Guard, who has a new headquarters building under construction at St. Elizabeths in Southeast. Across the street is the Buzzard Point Plant, which the American Planning Association's Planning Assistance Team (PAT) recommends becoming a future museum or gallery when it is decommissioned. Also in the vicinity is 100 V Street, a massive office complex planned by Akridge.

Other items on Monday's agenda include the temporary street closing of 6th Street for Saturday's Homecoming celebration at Arena Stage, the permanent closure of Water Street to make way for the redevelopment of the Southwest Waterfront, and a request to add Banneker Memorial to the L'Enfant Plaza Metro name.


Anonymous said...

Who in their right mind would buy a "market" priced condo at 95 V SW?

Anonymous said...

DO NOT add Banneker to the name of L'Enfant Plaza !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Until the Banneker Memorial is restored and properly maintained on an ongoing basis, I concur it should not be added to the Metro station name. It would just be an embarassment.

Anonymous said...

The only local Metro name that needs to be changed is Waterfront, and that's the remove the "-SEU" from the official maps and pylons now that that institution is no more. Otherwise, there's no need to go adding every blinkin' thing which might be within spitting distance of the Metro stop to the name of that stop. Subway systems all over the world manage on simple names which are easy for announcers to say and easy for tourists and residents to read/find. Each individual agency around "Federal Triangle" isn't listed in the name of the stop, yet people seem to find them just fine from there. Likewise with most other stops in the system. Leave the names short and simple, and stop cluttering up the signs and announcements!

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how they are priced, but if you haven't been there, it is some pretty amazing waterfront property. It would be a bit isolated if it was a stand alone project, but other development will likely fill in there over the next 5-10 years. And who knows, there could even be a soccer stadium down there some day.