Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Bloggers Are Saying About Southwest

- Urban Igloo interviewed the founders of UrbanTurf, a real estate blog in the Washington metro area. When asked which neighborhoods are considered to be DC's best kept secret, UrbanTurf responded:
For a more urban option, the “neglected” quadrant of Southwest is affordable (by DC standards) and very well located. It doesn’t have much in the way of bar and restaurant options, but it has two Metro stops, a shiny new Safeway, and the waterfront, Nationals Park, and the Mall are all within walking distance. It’s a great neighborhood for people who like the idea of having the hustle and bustle a short ride away, but enjoy coming home to a quiet neighborhood. Also, there are very big plans afoot for redeveloping Southwest, though they will take years to come to fruition.
- According to Greater Greater Washington, a Movie Solution DVD rental kiosk may come soon to L'Enfant Plaza Metro and an Old Town Trolley Tours ticket & information booth may arrive at the Smithsonian Metro. WMATA is looking for ways to earn additional revenue and has solicited bids to vendors to sell goods at Metro stations. If the WMATA board approves these proposals, the licenses will last eight years (will DVDs still exist in eight years?).

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Jennifer said...

that bit about southwest from urban turf is spot on, and is pretty much the reason my husband and i moved to SW as well.