Monday, June 7, 2010

Verizon FiOS Makes Debut in DC

Over the next six years, Verizon FiOS will be making its way to Southwest, according to the Washington Business Journal. Verizon just opened a FiOS store in Friendship Heights in anticipation of rolling out service citywide. From the article:
By next year, FiOS should be available in most of Ward 4 and all of Ward 3 in Northwest — including Friendship Heights — as well as in Barry Farm and historic Anacostia in Southeast and in Deanwood and eastern Capitol Hill in Northeast.

Verizon will add the Southwest Waterfront and Buzzard Point, most of Ward 1, Dupont and Logan circles, and Shaw within six years.

The final three-year phase will bring FiOS to Brookland, Congress Heights, downtown, Georgetown, midtown and Lincoln Heights.
Cable service is dominated in DC by Comcast, so introducing Verizon FiOS into the picture may improve Comcast's customer service, since they no longer will have a virtual monopoly in the city. Too bad sections of Southwest have to wait up to six years, while Bellevue residents have to wait even longer for service to reach our neighborhoods.


Anonymous said...

Cable providers should be able to offer the option to choose the stations you want instead of packages with 95% programming you don't want. Support legislation to allow cable programmers to offer station-by-station progamming!

Caity Rose said...

exciting! but I won't be here then. I've had both fios and comcast. I prefer fios..I just like the way it's set up better.

Anonymous said...

Southwest seem unduly captive to Comcast. I recently tried to sign up for internet, and Verizon didn't offer anything to SW, nor RCN. It's nice that another option is on the way, but it's a bit embarrassing that nothing else is available.