Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Safeway and 4th Street Almost Ready for Opening

The new Safeway at Waterfront Station is less than 48 hours away from opening and over the past few days, the final touches have been put in place. As the photo at the top of this post shows, store signage is now up, including signs illuminated with the Safeway logos. Restrictions on vehicle traffic on 4th Street should be lifted by the end of the week as Safeway opens its doors to customers. Below are some photos of the new 4th Street street scape.

Here is a daytime view of part of the Safeway storefront.

There will be some outdoor space at the bistro planned by Med Lahlou.

Large trees have been installed in the Waterfront-SEU Metro station plaza.

Multi-space parking meters have been installed on a landscaped 4th Street.

Update: There will be an official ribbon-cutting ceremony for the reopening of 4th Street on Friday morning at 10:30am. I cannot attend since I've been out of town for the past couple of days and need to be at work. If any of you attend, feel free to send photos of the ribbon-cutting to southwest.tlqtc@gmail.com!


Anonymous said...

So far this development is passing all my expectations, I am just hoping against hope the ghetto thugs down the street don't see it as turf to take back and drive it down the same swamp hole the Waterfront Mall disappeared into.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know how to-- or has anybody tried to-- get the city or the building development group to properly clean up the trash along the newly opened 4th street? There are wrappers, pizza box lids, styrofoam, plastic bags, and other debris along not only the sidewalk, but tangled in the newly landscaped areas. I'm not sure if the city has planned to regularly clean these areas, but it is a shame that such trash is left along this area.

Also, has anybody noticed that a couple of the newly planted trees have not (yet?) sprouted leaves, making me think they are dead. Also, the landscaping crew needs to add more mulch around some trees in the plaza, and in some other areas. Is there a direct line of communication to the building company or the landscaping group where comments to improve this situation can be lodged?

SWill said...

You can contact Gordon Fraley at Vornado: gfraley@vno.com

PostIt said...

Haven't noticed that the trees in the plaza are missing trees. I looked this morning and all the ones by the metro exit have leaves...which ones do you mean.

On a similar note, though, has anyone else noticed that not all the trees are planted in the center of the circles? Is there a reason for this? Maybe I'm just a little OCD...

I think the preview party is open to everyone. I was planning to head over there myself sometime before 5...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the Bergman's Cleaners is open yet in the new Safeway? Any scoop on the preview party last night?