Monday, April 19, 2010

Randall School Redevelopment Profiled in Big Apple Media

In all the hoopla surrounding the opening of Safeway and 4th Street last week, I forgot to write about the NY Times article describing the planned redevelopment of the Randall School site on I Street by the Rubell family and Telesis Corporation. Back in February, it was announced that the Telesis/CACB team would buy the site from the Corcoran, which conducted a nationwide search for a development team to take over the project. They plan a boutique hotel and art museum in the historic building and multifamily housing on vacant land behind the building, however, the Corcoran will not be moving their College of Art + Design to Randall. New details about the development in the article include the number of hotel rooms planned - 225 keys. Several local officials are quoted in the article, including Ward 6 Council member Tommy Wells and ANC 6D Commissioners Ron McBee and David Sobelsohn. Wells was intrigued by the new proposal, but is concerned about getting the full value of the property, which is being sold for only a quarter of the assessed value of $26 million. McBee wants the developers to provide community space, but is also excited about the planned museum. Sobelsohn would like for local residents to receive free admission to the museum, but sees the development plan as a great improvement over what is currently at the site - a vacant building. We'll see what kind of community benefits the ANC Commissioners ultimately will seek when the Telesis/CACB team come before the ANC, probably later this year. The sale also has to be approved by the DC Council, since the original sale by the city to the Corcoran stipulated that the intended use of the building would be a college, which won't be the case under the new development plan.

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