Monday, April 19, 2010

Northrop Not Coming to Southwest

According to The Washington Post, Southwest is out of the running to become the corporate headquarters of Northrop Grumman. It appeared that the deal to bring the company to DC was unraveling last month when members of the DC Council started to withdraw their support for a $25 million incentives package. If the aerospace company chose Southwest, they most likely would have moved to the planned office building at 4th & E Streets, SW, with a new Engine 13 firehouse on the ground floor. Jurisdictions still in the running include Arlington, Fairfax, and Montgomery Counties and a final decision should be made later this month.


Anonymous said...

way to run out a major corporation that is a significant provider of jobs and revenue; what was the Council thinking? That Northrop didn't have other jurisdictions aggressively vying for their business? Being in DC is just one advantage we can sell, but unless incentives follow, places like Rosslyn, Bethesda, and Alexandria will be taking our lunch.

Anonymous said...

Never bet against the DC council when it comes the most simple-minded group of people around. Then again, why bother attracting private industry when you can just beg the gub'ment for free money?

Anonymous said...

Washington is rated as the most anti-business city in the nation by the US Department of Commerce, and has the highest real tax rate.