Thursday, April 22, 2010

10% Discount at Safeway Through May 15!

The following is a message from ANC 6D02 Commissioner David Sobelsohn regarding discounts at the new SW Safeway:

As I’ve reported before, at our March 8th ANC 6D meeting, Safeway’s Eastern Division Regional District Manager Donna Maxwell promised a 10% discount on purchases made at the Southwest Safeway pre-opening, 4-8 p.m. Thursday, April 15. Regrettably, Safeway automatically applied that April 15th discount only to shoppers who bought $50 worth of groceries on April 15th. Ms. Maxwell has agreed to provide a 10% refund to everyone who shopped at the Southwest Safeway April 15 but did not get the promised 10% discount. Store manager Mike Bigelow says just bring your cash-register receipt, dated April 15, to the customer-service counter. You need not bring photo identification. Explain that you didn’t get your 10% discount April 15, & that Mr. Bigelow has advised you to go to the service counter to get a 10% refund. Remember to bring your April 15 register receipt! If you have any difficulty, ask for either Mr. Bigelow or assistant managers Michelle Gayard, India Lawal, or Stephen Newman. If you still have difficulty let me know.


The April 15 one-day discount was not the only 10% discount Safeway offered its Southwest Safeway customers. I have learned that Safeway sent some neighborhood residents, but not others, cards good for a 10% discount through May 15, 2010, without limitation as to the purchase amount. Mr. Bigelow has promised me that anyone who did not get such a card may get the 10% discount refunded going forward. From now through May 15, after paying for your groceries, go to the customer-service desk. Show the customer-service staff your receipt. Explain that some of your neighbors got a 10%-discount card good through May 15, that you didn’t get your card, & that Mr. Bigelow has advised you to go to the service counter to get your 10% same-day refund. If you have any difficulty, ask for either Mr. Bigelow or assistant managers Stephen Newman, Michelle Gayard, or India Lawal. If you still have difficulty let me know.

I was unable to persuade Mr. Bigelow to make this 30-day discount retroactive. Only the April 15th discount is retroactive. For purchases made April 16 through the time you’re reading this, if you didn’t get the 10% discount others got, it’s too late. But you can still get a refund going forward. Just go to the customer-service desk.

David C. Sobelsohn
Commissioner, ANC 6D02
Secretary, ANC 6D
(202) 484-8303
I was one of those recipients of a Safeway Club card that allows me to get 10% off all grocery purchases until May 15. If you already have a Safeway Club card and received this discount card, the directions say to call 1-877-SAFEWAY to have the 10% transferred to your current card. That seems to be a better solution than going to the customer service desk each time you go to the store to get a credit.


Anonymous said...

This feels like a Jesse Jackson/Operation PUSH style shakedown to me. If, through their frequent customer program, Safeway was able to target specific customers whose higher-margin sales made them a good prospect for the 10% discount, and others not, that is their business.

If, however, the post office just didn't deliver them or there was some other glitch, I will eat crow.

My preview day 10% off card arrived on the Saturday after the Thursday preview day.

Anonymous said...

In typical Safeway style I received a coupon in the mail for 10% off the preview night, 4/15, that arrived in my mailbox on 4/19.

Anonymous said...

I'm always getting mail late (including the 4/15 coupon), so I'd bet it was the fault of the Post Office and not Safeway for the late coupon.

Anonymous said...

We hit the Safeway Friday night. Had called their 800 number earlier in the week to activate the 10% discount. Guess what? We didn't get 10% off. What the heck is going on? I'm not surprised as they are getting bad PR for not donating the reusable bags to the non-profits that they promised earlier in the year.

Stacy said...

I also got the 4/15 10% off coupon long after the 15th. However, I did get the coupon book and the 10% card and have been stocking up!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the coupons are quite nice. I've regularly gotten 40 or 50% off Safeway list price each time I've gone. Makes the food almost a good deal!

Anonymous said...

We really need trash cans around there that have open tops - no one seems to realize you have to push the centers to drop trash in and it's all collecting on top and falling into the street. Does anyone know someone in DC gov't who could fix this?

Stacy said...

anonymous: lists all the ANC commissioners. Ron McBee's area includes the Safeway, so I suggest copying him on any correspondence. You could also talk to Tommy Wells' office. I don't know who installed the trashcans, but maybe contacting the Safeway PR people would help, too?

It seems like a quick fix; just remove the center pieces from the cans! Of course, that means people will complain about the bees and vermin that congregate around the open cans. I wish people weren't so dumb and could use a simple trash can properly. In the meanwhile, if I see one with only a few pieces of trash on top, I try to open the top and put the trash inside (I carry hand sanitizer in my purse ).