Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SEU Campus News

I'm passing along word I just received from ANC 6D Commissioner David Sobelsohn:

I have it on good authority that the Graduate School has purchased the former home of Southeastern University at 501 I St., SW. Formerly associated with the US Department of Agriculture, the Graduate School is now an independent educational institution. It currently holds classes in the Capital Gallery, 600 Maryland Ave., SW. But for much of the year classrooms are full every day. They need more space.

When the Graduate School opens on I Street, the school hopes to continue Southeastern’s close relationship with the community. But my sources report that the Southeastern building would need enormous work to rehabilitate, and that the Graduate School considers it currently close to uninhabitable. The Graduate School has commissioned an engineering study of Southeastern & is considering its options, from renovation to demolition.

The Graduate School has been meeting with elected officials in DC & SW. It expects to make an official announcement by April.

David C. Sobelsohn
Commissioner, ANC 6D02
Secretary, ANC 6D
(202) 484-8303
There was speculation about a year ago that Southeastern would merge with the GS Graduate School when it was having difficulty maintaining its accreditation with the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. GS Graduate School: Tear the building down and start from scratch I say!

Update: Here's an article from The Washington Post about the merger.


Anonymous said...

Yes, please tear down yet another hideous, outdated, concrete building in SW! We have too many buildings that look like they're from Communist Russia in the 1950s. Tear it down and start over --and include some street level retail space to serve both the students and the local community!

Anonymous said...

This is just an idea - the school could do some kind of a real estate swap deal and relocate to Waterfront Station, and the current school building space could be developed as residential (perhaps with some retail). This might be more in keeping with the residential nature of the closed school site.