Sunday, March 21, 2010

4th Street Close to Completion

Over the past few days, 4th Street has been getting closer to completion, with road crews taking advantage of the warmer weather to lay the final layer of asphalt on the street and repairing intersections. Currently, the road is only open to DC government tenants at Waterfront Station and their guests. That could change soon, as the stretch of road between I Street and M Street now has lane markings and appears to be mostly complete. As of Saturday night, though, when I walked home from the Waterfront-SEU Metro, the new streetlights at the intersection of 4th & I Street haven't been turned on yet. The street has been designed to help calm traffic in an area that will experience high pedestrian traffic. There are bike lanes on both sides of 4th Street and one car lane in each direction. The road has a slight curve to it and sidewalks are wide, with park benches lining the street.

Above is a photo of road crews laying the final layer of asphalt in front of 1100 4th Street.

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Anonymous said...

If they are expecting high pedestrian traffic, then the new stoplight system at 4th and M does not work. I've waited a while for those lights to change... almost twice as long as the old lights system. They need to make that intersection more walker friendly instead of car traffice friendly. It's becoming a hassle.