Friday, February 5, 2010

Metro Plaza Work Begins

The pathway to the Waterfront-SEU Metro station entrance has been shifted to "4th Street" - I put 4th Street in quotes because the top layer of asphalt has not been laid yet on the street. The temporary shift in placement of the pathway will allow the construction of the Metro plaza located to the east of the metro entrance. A construction worker told me the DC government tenants have already started the process of moving furniture to their office space. Representatives from Waterfront Associates, the developers of Waterfront Station, will be at Monday's ANC 6D meeting (see agenda here). Hopefully, they will have a definitive date when 4th Street will reopen, whether they have been able to secure leases with retailers, and how they will dress up those unsightly EPA towers flanking their brand new development. Below is a photo of the 4th Street corridor looking north towards I Street as it curves through Waterfront Station.

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