Monday, November 30, 2009

I missed the 2nd Annual Cantina Cup...

In November's Hill Rag, there's an article about the 2nd Annual Cantina Cup, which took place on October 3rd (how I missed this event I don't know!). From the article:
The October sailboat race run by the National Maritime Heritage Foundation brought in more than 100 racers, more than double the turnout from last year. Spectators gathered at event partner Cantina Marina (600 Water St. SW) for a view of the action, as well as on other boats and waterside locations...[Blair] Overman [of NMHF] said the event was a success, but next year event organizers want an expanded “big boats” course on the Potomac River and more viewing points for spectators. Ideally, they will bring spectators out on boats to watch the race from the center of the [Washington] channel.
According to the National Maritime Heritage Foundation (NMHF) website, the NMHF was founded in the year 2000 to fill the need for a maritime heritage program to serve as a focus for education and community development. They manage community sailing and maritime education programs in the national capital region and is headquartered at the Gangplank Marina on the Southwest Waterfront. Last year, the Cantina Cup regatta was held in late September. Did anyone attend this year's regatta? If so, how was it?

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