Saturday, October 24, 2009

Weekend Events

Marine Corps Marathon: The Marine Corps Marathon will be held on Sunday morning and as a result, several streets will be closed between 4am to 1:30pm according to DDOT, including the following:

  • Francis Scott Key Bridge
  • Canal Road, NW from M Street to Reservoir Road
  • Reservoir Road, NW from MacArthur Blvd. to Canal Road
  • MacArthur Blvd., NW from Foxhall Road to Reservoir Road
  • Foxhall Road, NW from Canal Road to MacArthur Blvd.
  • M Street, NW from Canal Road to Wisconsin Avenue
  • Wisconsin Ave, NW from M Street to K Street
  • K Street, NW from Wisconsin Avenue to Rock Creek and Potomac Pkwy.
  • Rock Creek and Potomac Pkwy., NW from K Street to Independence Ave.
  • Memorial Bridge
  • West Potomac Park
  • East Potomac Park (Access to Golf Course and Tennis Courts will be Available)
  • Maine Avenue, SW from East Basin Drive to Independence Avenue
  • Independence Avenue, SW from Maine Avenue to Ohio Drive
  • Ohio Drive, SW between Independence Avenue and Lincoln Circle
  • Lincoln Circle from Ohio Drive, SW to Henry Bacon Drive, NW
  • 23rd Street, NW from Lincoln Circle to Constitution Avenue
  • Constitution Avenue, NW from Henry Bacon Drive to 15th Street
  • 15th Street from Constitution Avenue, NW to Independence Avenue, SW
  • 17th Street from Constitution Avenue, NW to Independence Avenue, SW
  • Madison Drive, NW from 15th Street to 3rd Street
  • 3rd Street, NW from Pennsylvania Ave, NW to Maryland Ave., SW
  • Pennsylvania Avenue, NW from 3rd Street to E. Capitol Circle
  • 1st Street from Pennsylvania Ave., NW to Maryland Ave., SW
  • Maryland Avenue, SW from S. Capitol Circle to 3rd Street
  • Jefferson Drive, SW from 3rd Street to 15th Street
  • 14th Street, SW from Jefferson Drive to northbound HOV lanes
  • HOV lanes from 14th Street, SW to HOV ramp at S. Eads Street
Citywide Candlelight Vigil: Also on Sunday, Mothers of Unsolved Murders (MUM) is planning a candlelight vigil at the site of planned Consolidated Forensic Lab at 415 4th Street from 7-9pm. Construction of the lab was supposed to start this past spring, but it has been delayed due to an improper awarding of a contract to Whiting Turner by the mayor. Above is a photo of the sign at the site of the new forensics lab. The old First District headquarters building is next door to this sign and is still standing several months after it was supposed to be demolished.

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