Thursday, October 15, 2009

9th Street Bridge Reopens

As of this morning, traffic can now pass over the 9th Street Bridge from the 9th Street Tunnel about a year after the span was closed by DDOT for a major overhaul. Back in November of 2008, DDOT stated the following would be done to the bridge:

The project will make the bridge safer and more aesthetically pleasing. The concrete bridge deck on the 9th Street Bridge will be replaced, including a new walkway and staircase to Frontage Road at L’Enfant Plaza. The work will also include the replacement of the bridge bearings…new roadway lighting, milling and resurfacing of the approach pavement and re-painting the exterior girders on the bridges. DDOT will also repair the roof slab of a DC Water and Sewer Authority (WASA) pumping station that is beneath 9th Street.

I’m sure Southwesters will be happy that one of the major entryways to the neighborhood has reopened, and our cars will be happy that the road surface is no longer so bumpy! Above is a photo of the recently reopened bridge. The sidewalk on the bridge is still closed to pedestrians.

Update: The ramp off the 9th Street Tunnel towards northbound I-395 is closed.

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Anonymous said...

THANKS for the great news! I have a feeling though I'll be on 7th Street for a couple more days because I'll forget about the reopening ...