Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tenant Delays Move to Capitol View

According to an article in this week's Washington Business Journal (subscribers only), Roll Call Group signed a letter of intent in February to move to Capitol View, the new office building at the corner of 3rd & E Street, near the Federal Center SW Metro. However, since Roll Call Group announced its purchase of Congressional Quarterly Inc., the company has decided to reevaluate its space needs as it decides how many employees it will have once the takeover is complete. Signed tenants at Capitol View include the Association of American Railroads and lobbyists for Disney, but about 85% of the building remains vacant, as reported back in March.


Anonymous said...

I work nearby and have noticed recently that several additional floors of the building seem to be filling in with new tenants. Do you know who the new tenants are?

SWill said...

Anonymous: You are correct. There have been more tenants moving into Capitol View. Most of the tenants appear to be associations, like the Association of American Railroads, Fertilizer Institute, Judicial Watch, and Renewable Fuels Association, but government tenants have moved in too, like the Smithsonian Institution, the Department of Health & Human Services, and the Architect of the Capitol. The Department of Housing and Urban Development is supposed to take a large chunk of space in the next few months. Other tenants will be moving in, like Apprio, Bread for the World Institute, CCSI, Veracity Engineers, and Universities Space Research Association. Once these tenants move in by the first quarter of 2011, the building will be 98% occupied.