Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What's Next for SEU's Campus?

With Southeastern University set to lose its accreditation with the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools at the end of this month, it’s more than likely that the University will close or merge with the GS Graduate School. If SEU moves out of its current home at 501 I Street, what will happen to its campus? Would a charter school move in, or would DCPS expand Amidon-Bowen, which is next door? Perhaps UDC would open up a satellite community college campus as a part of their reorganization effort? Since some of the facilities at SEU have recently been upgraded as a part of The Campaign for Southeastern, all of these scenarios are somewhat plausible. Why wouldn’t a school or college want to move into recently remodeled classroom space, despite the unaesthetic “historic” exterior of the building IMHO? The campus is nestled in a residential neighborhood with row homes on one side, an elementary school on another side, across the street from Town Center Park, and is within walking distance of the Waterfront-SEU Metro, so a variety of uses could potentially work well at the site. If the future owner of the SEU campus decides to tear down the building for a non-educational use, what should be built in its place? (Above is a photo of SEU, taken today)


Anonymous said...

Who do we contact to request that "SEU" be removed from the name of the Metro stop? It would be a great opportunity to rebrand it as "Southwest Waterfront" so that people knew where it was.

SWill said...

Perhaps At-Large Council member Michael A. Brown? He represents DC on the WMATA board.

Anonymous said...

Kwame really doesn't care much for SW, since he delays our projects down here all the time. Better to stick with Tommy W. He does care.