Tuesday, August 4, 2009

St. Matthew's Lot is Getting Cleared

Pastor Huber passes along word that the St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church site along M Street is being cleared and leveled this week. The lot is being graded with the help of the Heavy Equipment Training Academy, which teaches students how to use heavy machinery to grade an excavation site, among other things. Once the site is leveled, the lot will be covered with straw and wood chips to help prevent erosion. While plans for the new church and multifamily units (see my post from October for more details) are going through the approvals process, part of the lot will be used as planting plots for a youth gardening project that will take place next spring and summer. Also, the M Street site will be host to a Southwest Community Yard Sale, tentatively scheduled for Saturday, September 12th. Above is a rendering of the what St. Matthew's may look like, which is being designed by BBG-BBGM.

Above are floorplans showing the layout of the first floor (left) and lower-level (right).

Update: Below is a photo of the cleared lot, taken from the corner of 3rd & M Street on Friday afternoon.

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