Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Constitution Center Progress Photos

A couple weeks ago, I took a hard hat tour of Constitution Center, the former U.S. Department of Transportation headquarters building across from HUD that's in the middle of a complete renovation. Constitution Center, at 1.4 million square feet, is the largest privately owned office building in the District of Columbia. David Nassif Associates is redeveloping the site, SmithGroup is designing it, and Vornado is in charge of leasing. While on the tour, I took some photos of some of the interior and exterior spaces of the building. The photo at the top of this post is a view of the courtyard, taken from the 4th floor of the east wing. The sculpture in the foreground pays homage to the former incarnation of the building, which had limestone columns. Benches line the central pathway leading from the sculpture to a fountain in the background. To the left, the auditorium is visible (read more about the auditorium in my post from last month).

(Left) Here is another view of the benches and limestone sculpture. The courtyard will be private, so the closest the public will get to it will be through a window as they exit the L'Enfant Plaza Metro.

(Right) Here is the 7th Street lobby area, which is 5,000 SF. Visitors will use this entrance to access the building, but tenants have separate entrances from the parking garage and an entrance near the Metro.

(Left) From the lobby, this section of the concourse leads to the south quadrant of the building. The concourse wraps around all four sides of Constitution Center connecting the quadrants.

(Right) This pathway in the courtyard leads to the concourse. The courtyard is over an acre in size. Including the courtyard and outside corners of the building, the amount of greenery will increase by 700% from the prior building.

(Left) The plantings in the courtyard vary, so they will bloom year-round. The courtyard is on top of the parking garage, which can accommodate up to 1,500 cars.

(Right) Here is a view of the south concourse. Just in case someone doesn't know which quadrant of the building they are in, the rectangle on the wall on the left of the photo will light up in a primary color to match the area of the garage their car is parked.

(Left) This is the tenant lobby area. The doors on the left lead to the Metro. The elevators at the far end of the lobby go up to the office space. Separate lobbies have elevators that go down to the parking garage.

Constitution Center is supposed to open in early 2010. However, a tenant hasn't been lined up yet. Some of the sidewalk areas have already opened. Last month, the D Street sidewalk reopened, but last week, the sidewalk was closed again so work could be done on the corner of 7th & D Street. The sidewalk area on 7th Street is scheduled to reopen in the 1st quarter of 2010, but that date might get pushed up.

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