Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wells Chats With GGW

Yesterday, Greater Greater Washington blog hosted a live chat with Ward 6 Council member Tommy Wells. Some Southwest-related issues were brought up during the chat, including affordable housing at the Southwest Waterfront, delays at the CFL and Engine 13, as well as the prospect for streetcars. Could streetcars one day rumble glide along the streets of Southwest? Before that can happen, a lot needs to happen. For one, the city, according to Wells, needs to come up with a plan for the next generation of mass transit, as well as figure out how to finance these transit options. In addition, the city needs to figure out how they are going to power the planned H Street NE streetcar line (where tracks are about to be laid) and the alignment of the Anacostia line (CSX tracks vs. running along city streets). Above is a photo of the Maine Avenue corridor, one of the areas of the city Wells thinks has room for dedicated streetcar lanes. In two of the renderings of the new Southwest Waterfront, streetcars are visible running along Maine Avenue, as seen here and here.


IMGoph said...

i don't know that i would use the word "rumble" for streetcars. i think they'll be a little quieter than that!


Anonymous said...

It's always possible that they could rumble if there's a manufacturing issue. Remember the Metro brake problem with a large batch of new cars years ago? The squealing was ear-splitting as those cars pulled into a station. It was so bad that Metro had decibel monitors set up in some stations. They eventually fixed all the brakes, but it was AWFUL!

So while streetcars are supposed to be quiet, I'll wait until they're actually running! :)


Anonymous said...

Well, WMATA should put some decibel monitors in the Rosslyn-Foggy Bottom tunnel, because that section of track is outrageously noisy. Even INSIDE the train it's painfully loud.