Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Could DC United Move to Buzzard Point?

DC United is in talks again with the District government for a new soccer stadium, after their plan to move to Poplar Point in SE fell through for the second time earlier this year, and was rebuffed by Prince George’s County over plans to move there. One of the sites that have come up, according to the Breaking Ground blog in the Washington Business Journal, is Buzzard Point, specifically, Akridge’s 9-acre site at 100 V Street. In the WBJ article, a representative from Akridge confirmed that DC United inquired about several of their properties. The article notes that other sizable holdings of Akridge’s include 15-acre Burnham Place in NoMa and 136 acres along the Dulles Greenway in Virginia. 100 V Street is close to Nationals Park, which would give the area a Meadowlands-esque stadium district feel to it, and is fairly close to the Waterfront and Navy Yard Metro stations. Neighbors may have a problem with having two stadiums in close proximity to each other, with the potential to cause major traffic problems if both teams have a game on the same day. A soccer stadium might not even be able to fit on the site. Although 100 V Street is three blocks long, it is only one block wide, which may be too small for a soccer stadium. Akridge built Gallery Place near the Verizon Center and is developing part of Half Street near Nationals Park, so it’s possible they may get involved with DC United at V Street, or some other venue in the metro area (I think a more plausible site would be Burnham Place, due to its proximity to Union Station and potential to connect with the H Street NE streetcar line). The current plan for 100 V Street is to be built as a secure federal campus, since it has natural (water on two sides) and man-made barriers (Fort McNair). What would be preferable for 100 V Street…a federal campus, or a soccer stadium?


Anonymous said...

I vote for the soccer stadium-- although some of the neighboring landowners would probably have to sell their land to make a stadium feasible. Right now, Buzzard's Point looks like it's at least a decade away from being redeveloped. A soccer stadium would be a great shot in the arm for the area.

really said...

Leave southeast to the Nats, a stadium built right over the rails behind Union Station would be amazing, and a wonderful use for the space. Totally unique, totally convenient. I hope they can pull this off!

Anonymous said...

Sure, leave Southeast to the Nats, and Southwest to DC United. :-)

Honestly, I think both options sound great. We just need to get that land developed!

Marc said...

Turn Buzzard's Point into a park for the people. There's already other parks around there, but you can't have too many, especially once Half Street SE develops further as does the residential area along Half Street SW.


Anonymous said...

I won't cry if DC United moves into SW, but I can't envision the material benefit to our community. Unlike, say baseball or basketball, a stadium will be a deadzone for most of year with so few games. Instead of grand projects, why can't we have greater focus on developing more diverse retail and public amenities?

Buzzard's Point can a terrific park for the community, if done in the right way and crafted with unique experiences. Imagine a different kind of venue that includes a skateboard park, a fitness and bike trail, and a climbing wall.

We can do better.