Monday, June 15, 2009

Capitol Skyline Hotel Pool Featured in WaPo

In Sunday's Washington Post (and reported on JDLand), there was an article about the reopening of the pool deck at the Capitol Skyline Hotel, located at 10 Half Street. The article gives a history of the hotel, which was opened in 1962 and designed in South Beach-style architecture by Morris Lapidus. Most recently, it was a Best Western flagged hotel, but the Rubell family (of Studio 54 fame) bought the hotel in 2002 and recently started some major renovations, including the pool area. Earlier this year, the Best Western brand was dropped from the hotel and it was renamed Capitol Skyline Hotel. Since the pool reopened last month, several events have been held there, including pool parties every Sunday. The hotel has hooked up with Spike Mendelsohn, the former Top Chef contestant and proprietor of Good Stuff Eatery on Capitol Hill, to grill up hamburgers poolside on Sundays. On Spike'd Sundays, for $10, you gain admittance to the pool, with DJ Butter mixing some beats, and receive a free cheeseburger. According to an article in June's Hill Rag magazine, other events at the pool include a Pool Boy Party on Thursday evenings from 4-9 pm with DJ TMY, and on Fridays there are young professional mixers from 5-10 pm. I haven't been to the pool deck yet, but I'll have to check out this new neighborhood "hot spot" sometime this summer. Has anyone been to any of the pool parties so far, and if so, how were they?


Anonymous said...

I can only share second-hand information, but the people I know who went loved it (none of them live in SW). They all said it was very "Miami Beach", had cheap drinks, and lots of games/floats. There were also a lot of people, but everyone got somewhere to sit, which is good to know.

Mark Drapeau said...

South Beach style architecture? It looks like a Russian homeless shelter in the middle of a demilitarized zone. Let's be clear: It may be a fun party but it's a dumpy place in a dirty, dangerous neighborhood. You know, like the Meatpacking District. Party on.

Anonymous said...

The area down by the Navy Yard might not be the most aesthetically pleasing in DC, but I think that "dirty and dangerous" might be a bit of an overstatement. The area has changed a lot in the last couple of years, especially with the new stadium and DOT.