Thursday, June 11, 2009

Arena Stage Gets Critiqued

The ArchiCritic over at DC Metrocentric made a return visit to Southwest, after writing about Tiber Island a few weeks ago. This time, he decided to critique the new Arena Stage, which is under construction at the corner of 6th Street and Maine Avenue. Here's a link to his critique. His preference would be for the concrete and truss structure that is currently visible to remain, instead of being covered up with glass, cladding, and a canopy. I'm really excited about this project and how it will lead passersby from the Metro towards the SW Waterfront. I don't think there's a building in DC that's quite like it. My favorite part of the building so far are the wood columns that support the roof structure - it brings a natural element to the project. Here's a link to a YouTube video that gives a hard hat tour of the new Arena Stage by Bing Thom, the Canadian architect of the project. The structure should be enclosed in glass by this fall, and afterwards, the interior finishing touches can be made. The new Arena Stage is supposed to be ready for performances by Fall 2010 and I plan on being there for opening night! (Above is a photo of construction along the Maine Avenue elevation of Arena Stage, which was taken this past Sunday).

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