Thursday, March 12, 2009

SEU May Merge With USDA’s GS Graduate School

An article in today’s The Washington Post reports that Southeastern University, located at 6th & I Street, may lose its accreditation with the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, due to financial instability, dwindling enrollment, and a lack of academic rigor. SEU has been looking to merge with another institution in order to remain viable. A couple months ago, Southwest…The Little Quadrant That Could had a post about SEU possibly merging with UDC, but it sounds like from the Post article that SEU is in serious discussions with the GS Graduate School, which is affiliated with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. From the article:
The graduate school, whose primary location on Maryland Ave. Southwest is a few blocks from Southeastern near the National Mall, provides continuing education for some 150,000 students a year, most of them government employees. Officials at both schools hope to create a school with the stable finances and large enrollment of the graduate school but one that offers a wider range of degree opportunities focused on public service and federal job training. That could mean a new vision for Southeastern, said Jerry Ice, the president and CEO of the GS Graduate School. "The federal government has approximately 1.8 million workers, and almost another 2 million that are the contractors that do federal work," he said. His students are interested in continuing their studies to earn degrees, he said. "Both schools are excited about the possibilities," said J. R. Clark, chairman of Southeastern's board of trustees, and are considering everything from leadership to location to name changes to mission.
According to SEU’s website, the University is in the process of renovating its campus, called The Campaign For Southeastern. The first phase of renovation, which included three classrooms, faculty offices, and study areas, was completed in April 2008.

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