Monday, March 9, 2009

ANC 6D Recommends to DMPED to Select E Street Development

At this evening's ANC 6D meeting, a multi-pronged resolution passed 7-0 to recommend to DMPED that they select E Street Partners (proposal #1) as the preferred developer for the DCFD Engine 13 parcels. Here is a link to part 1 and part 2 of proposal #1 (the file sizes are large). The resolution also requests that the winning development team have community partners in their proposal; makes the winning team come before the ANC to discuss their plans for community benefits; the team must attempt to hire ANC 6D constituents in the design and construction of the project; and they must attempt to hire locals to work in the retail space. E Street Partners was the only team to specifically name community partners with their proposal - the D.C. Central Kitchen and Kid Power Inc. (coincidentally, or not, a former ANC 6D commissioner works for Kid Power Inc.). While the recommendations of an ANC are supposed to carry great weight with the District government, DMPED is not required to follow the ANC's resolution in whole or in part. Also passed was a resolution to appoint Commissioner Jorgensen to represent the interests of the ANC and the community as an ex-oficio member when the DMPED panel meets to select the winning proposal. Jorgensen will compile a list of comments and concerns of the ANC and community members by this Wednesday and will present them to the selection panel. If members of the community want their questions addressed at the selection panel meeting by Jorgensen, send an email to with a cc: to the ANC The panel will make its recommendation to Deputy Mayor Albert by St. Patrick's Day. (The above rendering is an office building with ground-level retail on the corner of 6th & E Street planned by E Street Partners, from their presentation to the community on February 25th)

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