Sunday, December 14, 2008

National Mall on Inauguration Eve: No Camping!

The Washington Post reports that the Feds are forbidding people from camping out on the National Mall on the night before the presidential inauguration. From the article: "To accommodate the crowd, the entire Mall is being opened to inauguration spectators for the first time, with Jumbotrons showing the noontime ceremony at the Capitol. Sgt. Robert LaChance, a U.S. Park Police spokesman, said that it is 'not legal to camp on the Mall' and that tents will be banned. Although the Mall is open 24 hours, it might be swept in a check for bombs during the night, he said. 'What we encourage people to do is come once public transportation is open,' he said. Metro will start running trains at 4 a.m. on Inauguration Day, a federal holiday in the District. Unlike at the Capitol or on the parade route, backpacks, chairs and strollers will be permitted on the Mall, he said. People can also take food and coolers there. But authorities are discouraging people from bringing many items on Metrorail because trains will be jammed." A pitched tent on the Mall could have been a cheap alternative for people compared to some of the accommodations offered on Craigslist.

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