Thursday, December 11, 2008

Email from Safety Walkers

The following is an email sent by Saadia Athias, a resident of SW...

Hello Safety Walkers and Community

Last Saturday December 6, 2008 our community Safety Walkers met at 800 4th Street SW, at 3:30, it was our third walk. Our plan was very successful despite a few delays to coordinate with MPD, however 1st District sent over five patrol officers and a patrol car who accompanied [us] on the safety walk. We were also joined by our community councilpersons and representatives from the Mayor's office.

This week we explored G Street between 4th and 3rd and continued to the end of the cul-de-sac, where we explored the dangerous pathways and the perilous cut thru from Market Inn that ends on South Capitol in the "$5.00 Parking Lot”. Also the back path from 4th Street was noted as highly unsafe. It was ongoing about how treacherous that area is for pedestrians and the patrol officers noted those areas that need attention.

We headed down G Street and 7th Street, where residents pointed out three year old graffiti, on light posts and other notable concerns at the bus stops. At that time it started snowing, but all of the walkers remained with the group. We arrived at The Parade of the Lighted Boats, at 600 Water Street around 4:45 that afternoon; (between Channel Inn and Gangplank) to support the neighborhood event and to spread the word and recruit other Safety Walkers.

We ended the tour with [a] wish list for Santa for safe streets and the photo was given to all of the walkers. The enthusiastic walkers sought refuge from the cold and snow at Cantina Marina, and enjoyed their star gazing view of the procession of boats and hot chocolate. We returned to 800 4th Street, SW at approximately 5:30 pm.

If you live or work in SW please come join us for future walks! We meet every Saturday at 5 pm at 800 4th St. SW as we will this Saturday, December 13, 2008. Please spread the word, and feel free to forward this email to all Southwest friends, tenant associations, landlords’ property managers and neighbors in an effort to promote crime prevention and awareness in Southwest.

Thank you,

Saadia Athias

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