Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Council Meeting Still In Progress Over SW Waterfront

The D.C. Council began their final meeting of the year at 11 am and at hour 12 of the meeting, there's discussion on the Southwest Waterfront parcels transfer. The Southwest Waterfront Disposition Third Revised Disposition Emergency Declaration Resolution of 2008 was far down on the agenda. Stay tuned for when (if) the resolution passes tonight.

Update @ 10:42 pm: The resolution passed! There was no roll call vote, but it sounded like it was unanimous. See my prior posts here, here, here, and here for some background on the drama related to the land transfer.

Update #2: Here's a WBJ article on the resolution's passage.

Update #3: Here's PN Hoffman's press release.

The photo is a model of the northern portion of the redeveloped Southwest Waterfront (phase II), which includes the Maine Avenue fish market.

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