Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Shuttle Bug is Coming!

The SW Action Team, a volunteer problem-solving team trained in 2006 by MPD's Policing for Prevention Division, reports that a Shuttle Bug service for residents living above I Street will be up and running by the week of December 8th. The Shuttle Bug is a temporary bus service that will allow residents to safely get around the construction zone at Waterfront Station since pedestrian access was blocked to the site back in November 2007. Once 4th Street is reopened by March 2010, the shuttle will discontinue service. There will be stops near the entrance to Safeway and the CVS/Bank of America trailer, however, there are Jersey barriers currently blocking the Safeway stop. Negotiations are underway to have those barriers removed in time for the debut of the shuttle service. Once the schedule, map, and routes are available, I'll post the information here, but I would imagine the bus will make a loop from M Street to 6th Street, to I Street, to 3rd Street, and back to M Street. The Shuttle Bug is financed by the DC Government, Waterfront Associates (the developers of Waterfront Station), and Fairfield Residential (developers of The View at Waterfront).


Anonymous said...

I hope that this does not mean that the bus will be driving down 6th street toward I street from G street. There are signs posted at 4th and 7th on G street and on 6th street at I street saying that buses are not allowed in that area. I stopped a Shuttle Bug at 6th and H street heading toward I and told the driver that the signs said "no buses". He was rude and his answer wasn't pleasant. He insinuated that it would take a swat team to make him stop driving in my neighborhood, even with the city posted "no buses" signs. I believe that the area you discribe as the bus route does not include 6th street from I to G, and G between 7th and 4th.

SWill said...

Here is a link to my post from December that shows the Shuttle Bug route:

On the map, it shows that the shuttle bug goes down both those streets.