Thursday, September 18, 2008

What Bloggers are Saying About Southwest

- DCMetrocentric dreams about people living at L'Enfant Plaza. JBG plans about 200 apartment units at L'Enfant Plaza. They also wanted to bring the National Children's Museum to the site, but National Harbor was able to snag the museum, as well as another SW landmark - The Awakening statue. A part of the plan for L'Enfant Plaza is to bring retail to ground level. Who knows when all of this is supposed to happen, though.

- Imagine, DC wants Buzzard Point to get developed. Akridge has a nine-acre parcel at Buzzard Point and plans to develop a campus-like complex - most likely for a government agency. A few blocks away, the Coast Guard has its headquarters building, but since the Department of Homeland Security has plans to move to the St. Elizabeth's campus in Anacostia, the owners of the HQ building could either find a new tenant or redevelop the site.

- JDLand reports some movement at 1345 South Capitol Street. I saw some equipment there a few days ago and wondered if construction would begin on the apartment building that Camden Property Trust is planning at the site. My sources tell me construction is supposed to begin in the next few months, but then again, it was supposed to start last year.

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