Thursday, September 11, 2008

Safeway Task Force Expanded

I attended Monday's ANC 6D's business meeting, and one of the agenda items was the Safeway Task Force. Some of the issues the task force are trying to tackle include increasing safety in and around Safeway, opening more check-out lines during peak times, opening restrooms to customers, and properly labeling items with the correct prices. The ANC commissioners unanimously approved a measure to increase the number of members of the Safeway Task Force from three to ten. The current members of the task force include Commissioners Sobelsohn (6D 02), McBee (6D 03), and Siegel (6D 07). The seven other members will be comprised of citizens that live within the boundaries of ANC 6D - one person representing each of the seven single-member districts. Two people have already been appointed from 6D 02 and 6D 03. If you are interested in serving on the task force and live in one of the districts not yet represented, contact your ANC Commissioner.

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