Sunday, August 31, 2008

Seafair Sighting on the Waterfront

While I was having dinner at Cantina Marina with some friends back on July 27th, this huge yacht passed up the Washington Channel. I didn't have my camera with me at the time, but luckily my buddy Wilson had his with him, so he took this photo of the Seafair. Here are the specs on this yacht from its website: "The $40M purpose built yacht was designed by internationally acclaimed super yacht designer Luiz De Basto. At 228 feet and 2800 international tons, it is the largest ship built for commercial operation in the Intra-coastal Waterway and requires a draft of only 6.5 feet allowing it to visit small yachts facilities in central city locations rather than use commercial ports. It is the first vessel constructed specifically as a mobile marine megayacht exhibition venue and is the 4th largest privately owned yacht in the United States." The Seafair was docked at the Southwest Waterfront for a few days before setting off to unknown parts. Did anyone see this yacht docked back at the end of July and does anyone know why it was here?

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