Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Body Found in SW

According to NBC4, MPD discovered a body at 10:30 PM last night along the 300 block of P Street. The cause of death has not been determined yet. Once I find out more about this incident I'll post about it. (Update) According to MPD, the medical examiner said the decedent died of an accidental overdose and no foul play was discovered during the autopsy. (Update #2) According to an article from the Examiner, the decedent was murdered in Prince William County by a heroin overdose and his body was then transferred to the site on P Street. Three people in Manassas have been arrested in the murder. What a bizarre case!


Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

An overdose of ...?

SWill said...

It turns out he was murdered by an overdose of heroin. There's an update to the post with a link to an Examiner article that explains the circumstances of the crime and subsequent arrests.