Friday, July 25, 2008

Articles About Southwest Development

Here's a Washington Times article, which was picked up by JDLand, that gives an overview of two major development projects in Southwest: Waterside Mall (AKA Waterfront) and the SW Waterfront. The article states that vertical construction is underway at Waterfront and the first phase of office buildings will be ready by 2010. Construction along the Southwest Waterfront should begin in late 2010 or 2011 with completion in 2017. The entire Southwest Waterfront project will be LEED-Silver certified. Also, earlier this week, DCMetrocentric had a post about the Southwest Waterfront which received several comments about the rendering resembling the Inner Harbor and National Harbor. The developers could be a little more daring with the architecture, especially in Southwest, which doesn't look like the rest of DC to begin with. These are probably just preliminary images, so things may change before construction actually begins. If you look closely at the rendering, you can see what looks like a streetcar running along Maine Avenue...wouldn't that be nice!

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