Monday, June 30, 2008

Southwest = Nats Flats?

That's what the Washington City Paper states in its Hoods & Services section of the DC Neighborhood Guide that it published a couple weeks ago. The neighborhoods comprised of Southwest, Navy Yard, and Buzzard Point are lumped together under the heading "Nats Flats." The description of the neighborhood in the article isn't flattering...out of 23 neighborhoods profiled in the story, Nats Flats was ranked next to last based on some artibrary categories including Kid-Friendliness, Housing, Eats, Consumer Goods, Nightlife and Culture, and Intangibles. Nats Flats fared better than Drive Over Country, which includes neighborhoods along the banks of the Anacostia River including: Mayfair Parkside, Eastland Gardens, River Terrace, and Greenway. The highest ranked neighborhood is just to the northeast of Nats Flats, which is C-SPANistan (Capitol Hill, Lincoln Park, Stanton Park, and Rosedale). According to the article, the best category for Nats Flats is Nightlife and Culture. This is what the article stated about Nightlife and Culture in the area: "Well, again, you’ve got the stadium. And, although most of the museums are on the Northwest side of the National Mall, the Hirshhorn, Sackler, and Freer galleries, Air and Space, African Art, and American Indian museums are all technically on the Southwest side of the mall. Plus, there is Hains Point and the East Potomac Golf Course. On the nightlife front, there are mega-clubs H20 and Zanzibar, but the Waterfront after hours is best known for cruises on the Odyssey, which isn’t that cool of an outing, unless it’s prom night." The lowest ranked category is Consumer Goods. Here's what the article stated about Consumer Goods in the neighborhood: "Apart from the stadium and the slim pickings inside of the federal employment area and L’Enfant Plaza, which isn’t really considered part of the Waterfront/Navy Yard area, there is not much retail to be found in Southwest or the M Street section of Southeast." Isn't that the truth!

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